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Your Average Roofer YAR Kit

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As a modern roofing tool brand, we are always looking for opportunities to partner up with dedicated people in the industry to bring something new to the trade. The Primegrip 2020 roofer kits are the latest result of our search for collaborators and innovators. We partnered up with Dylan Hodgson - Your Average Roofer (@youraverageroofer) to design Your Average Roofer Kit. This kit contains a mix of products personally selected by Dylan himself for roofers who are looking for a ready-to-go kit with all the essentials they need on the job.


Features & Specs

  • 16 oz Steel Shingling Hatchet (#04-456) equipped with a depth gauge, nail notch and a milled face. Drop-forged from a single piece of high grade carbon steel heat-treated and tempered for maximum strength and durability.
  • The Primegrip Roofer’s Knife (#36-274) – heavy duty silver knife with double-notched blade holder and durable plastic holster.
  • 10 Primegrip 2-Notch Deep Hook Blades (#36-256) included to use with the Knuckle Saver. Our blades are manufactured from high-grade carbon steel and induction hardened to last up to 75% longer.
  • Straight Cut Aviation Snips (#36-317) for sheet metal and siding work. This tool is able to cut straight, left and right curves in 18 gauge cold-rolled steel and 22 gauge stainless steel. It features a comfortable non-slip handle and a simple spring-free automatic latch design.
  • A pair of our black Primegrip Roofer’s Knee Pads (#43-112) with “Power Mesh” reinforced treads and ¾" leather straps with adjustable buckles. For an extra layer of comfort we have included a set of our Knee Pit Saver Straps (#43-109) to protect the straps from chafing the back of the knee.
  • 5-Point Full Body Harness (#23-101). This Class-A fall arrest harness utilizes a 1¾" polyester webbing that is supremely strong and durable. This harness incorporates a dorsal D-ring certified for fall arrest, 5 independent points of adjustment, and is compliant with all CSA, OSHA, and ANSI regulations. It also features pass through leg connections.
  • 10-Pocket Tool Bag with Leather Hammer Holder (#43-203) with a 2" Leather Belt (#43-393) so you can carry your tools easily on the job.
  • All of this awesome gear comes in a lightweight and durable pail so you can easily take it from one job to the next.
  • Pail Diameter12"
  • Pail Height15"
  • Pail Weight1.10 lbs
  • Total Weight12.00 lbs

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